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  1. G M

    Jan 12, 2023

    This is the greatest small dealership in western Ma, possibly in all of Ma. Dave and Ed are fantastic as with all that work there. If I could give them ten stars I would. Thanks for another great car. I will tell anyone looking for another car to get see you 1st. Thanks, Gary

  2. Erin Yarrows

    Dec 16, 2022

    We were very pleasantly surprised by Hampden Trading Company. The sales people were friendly and actually stood by their word. The second vehicle we purchased had a check engine light on and they were tenacious in determining what the issue was and corrected it at their expense. We're very happy and would recommend them to everyone.

  3. Rizwan Khan

    Oct 26, 2022

    Have a good lot of used cars. The owner of the showroom was a very nice ,humble and cooperative person.

  4. Anna Ashley

    Aug 15, 2022

  5. Peter Arango

    Feb 09, 2022

    I could not be happier with my car, a Subaru Outback that runs like a champ, and EVERY aspect of working with Rusty and the staff at Hampden Trading Company. We drove more than an hour to get to Hampden not knowing if it would be worth while and drove back again in a week to pick up our fully serviced and registered Subaru. The only tough part was picking a car from their great selection. I could not recommend them more enthusiastically! If you are sick and tired of dealing with slick, pushy car dealers, you'll be delighted to meet Rusty!

  6. Jonathan Shannahan

    Jan 01, 2022

    I bought a Subaru Impreza around Thanksgiving and the vehicle is fantastic! The price was very reasonable and Eddie and Dave are really helpful! I would absolutely buy another car from the Hampden Trading Company.

  7. Nicole Flamand

    Sep 29, 2021

  8. Bridget Moriarty

    Sep 11, 2021

  9. Adam Toussaint

    Jun 15, 2021

  10. Darryl Reavis

    Jun 14, 2021

    Brought a Subaru from them a year ago with 104k on the odometer: Car had no issues and still runs like brand new. They sell good cars there. PERIOD. In fact, I sent my stepdaughter there, and she is buying a pristine Forester at the time of this writing. They are tucked away at the end of a dead end street, and yet the cars fly off the lot. No drive by shoppers, just simply word of mouth and a website. Nice cars and nice people selling them. Yeah, I'd buy from them again.

  11. Ju Cin

    May 11, 2021

    Have had 0 issues with my car. The process was fast and smooth. I'd purchase another car from here with no hesitation. They price the cars fairly so if you have a lower budget, expect a lower budget car.

  12. Jenn Langheld

    May 06, 2021

    I purchased a Subaru with over 100,000 miles from this dealer over 3 years ago, and the vehicle is still going strong. It has been reliable and had no issues. I’ve been very happy with my purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to do business with Hampden Trading again in the future.

  13. Gary Deleon

    Apr 22, 2021

    Great costumer service and excellent inventory for vehicles I definitely look forward to buying another car here in the future 5 out of 5??????????

  14. Taylor Hayes

    Feb 28, 2021

    Recently bought a car from them and the service was great! Dave was very helpful and explained everything about the process to me as it’s the first car I bought by myself. He also made sure to keep me updated on what was happening through the process of registering my car as I live out of state. I would absolutely buy from them again!

  15. Al “Pinky” Packard

    Jan 24, 2021

  16. Lynda

    Jan 16, 2021

    They are amazing to work with! So willing to make sure everything was perfect with the van, fixed doors, replaced parts, and even put it up on the lift so we could look underneath it. Dave was the best! No pressure from him in purchasing but gave you all the information so you could make the best decision for yourself. Highly recommend and would go there again for our next car!

  17. tanner imelio

    Nov 29, 2020

  18. LeeAnne Mason

    Aug 01, 2020

    Just bought a 2007 Chevy Malibu Maxx LT!!!! i absolutely love it!!!!

  19. Mark Vatousiou

    Jul 07, 2020

    We have purchased 3 cars and have been very pleased with the buying experience and the cars we have purchased.Easy to read stickers,no haggle or harassment from sales people makes the car buying experience easy.Car Fax also very helpful when checking out a car or truck you may be considering to buy.

  20. Jeffrey Jacobsen

    May 15, 2020

    I recently bought an '09 Camry. From the start when I called about the car, they were great. They went out and told me about the car and the questions I had, and when I came to look at it, they were honest and truthful. From my research, the price I paid was a good deal for me. The purchase process (despite Covid-19) was smooth, and they even delivered the car to my house (since I don't live in MA, and with the pandemic, DMV registration is going to take a while!). I Highly recommend you check them out. No sales pressure either.

  21. Daniel Homer

    Mar 05, 2020

    Very easy working with them. Would do it again if I needed another vehicle.

  22. Petra Trunkes

    Jan 13, 2020

    No messing around. I called ahead. Car was ready for me when I arrived. Test drove it. Loved it. Went back into offices, paperwork was ready. In and out in about 1.5 hours TOTAL. (Maybe less) Drove my "new" car home. Prices are competitively priced to sell and they are firm. Makes the process so much easier. They even prepared exactly what I need for my out of state registration. No snags at DMV. Car is fantastic.

  23. Richard Maynard

    Nov 04, 2019

    Quality used vehicles, great sales folks, fast turn around on inventory, if you see something you like, you better act quickly. Ask for Rusty and the story of how he was once called " Me Rusty".

  24. Tasha Buntin

    Nov 01, 2019

    I had heard of Hampden Trading Company online and had seen some of their cars on Cargurus. I happened to be in the area while looking for a new car and decided to stop by. This place is a bit off the main road so a lot of their business comes from online advertising. I looked around the lot and noticed they had a great selection and prices for their vehicles. The staff is very friendly and welcoming! Very laid back as well. I never felt like I was pressured into buying anything. I ended up purchasing a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta from here and I love it so far! Great place to buy used cars.

  25. Eric Peterson

    Oct 29, 2019

    GREAT cars, clean, miles are right, price is very competitive. The car I bought was at a very reasonable price, but I had to try to haggle. Nope. The price is the price, and I was happy to pay it. Very easy to do business with. They honor a handshake, and offer a major systems warrantee. Will start here for my next car, and have already referred friends!

  26. Iron Dragon

    Sep 23, 2019

    Really good cars and sellers. Had a good experience with them

  27. Stephan Edel

    Sep 08, 2019

    We've now bought three cars from Hampden They have good deals and im confident that ill get treated fairly

  28. Jeanne Smith

    Aug 30, 2019

    We traveled over 2 hours to look & buy a specific model of a car listed on CarGurus. We were set to buy that same day if we found that car to our liking, yet the dealership does not offer paper plate licenses to drive home from their lot. There was also an issue with no title on this vehicle being at their office. Eddie & Dave assured us that they would obtain the clear title, in which they did a couple of days later that same week! They kept us informed with very good communication, calling with updates. They were very professional, friendly, and overall even though the deal seemed to have a few hiccups, they delivered in what they promised on this car. The car was serviced & a detailed garage report of repairs was given to us, along with a Carfax. Even though we had to make a couple of trips to Massachusetts to complete the car deal, we highly recommend going to Hamden Trading Co! It's hard to find a used car dealership that REALLY stands behind their business like THEY do! Don't hesitate to go look at the quality cars they sell with no haggle prices. They have been in business for over 40 years, & that says alot in itself. Thank you Hamden Trading Co!

  29. Sarah Dwelley

    Jun 30, 2019

    I bought a car from them a couple months ago now and I’ve been waiting to write a review to make sure no issues came up with it later on, but everything’s been great! I was surprised at how happy I am with my car, the service was fantastic and they were very helpful! Great place I recommend to anyone! Good prices and good cars

  30. Katherine Essency

    Apr 19, 2019

    Great place to but a car for my daughters first car we are very happy. Thank you. Katie Essency

  31. Yvonne T

    Mar 23, 2019

    Rusty, one of their sales people, is top notch! He helped me choose a car & made things right when I had a problem with the battery after my purchase. However, was not thrilled with the owner (Dave's) response to my battery issue. I would return to work with Rusty in heartbeat for my next vehicle!

  32. Meghan Wert

    Mar 11, 2019

    I went to this dealership a little over a week ago to take a look at some cars. Rusty, the salesman, was out sick but the gentleman was really polite & let us look through the cars we were interested in even though it was close to closing time. I went back the next day to test drive a few of the cars until I found the one I liked, a 2009 Nissan Altima. The car had some scratches on the back bumper but rusty offered to have it touched up for me free of charge, & it looks great! So far the car is running great, with no issues. I am really pleased with how genuine rusty was. He made the whole normally stressful process so easy! I recommend this dealer & rusty to anyone looking for a used car. Great prices & even better service.

  33. Lena Buteau

    Feb 05, 2019

    Great service, great used cars. Couldn't be happier with our find!!!

  34. Nick Karam

    Dec 31, 2018

    Overall the car is great. Experience was good as well. "One price" dealer that "services" cars once they are sold. All they did to the car was change the oil and replace one rear tire that had a gash in the tire. Car needs rear pads, rotors, and serpentine belt. Nothing crazy expensive but I was told the vehicle would be serviced to pass inspection. Surprised how it passed since a light comes on the dash indicating the brakes are low. Was given my full tank of gas that I had to negotiate into the deal. Happy with my purchase and would recommend this dealer!

  35. Jonathan

    Nov 22, 2018

    The owner of this company is awesome. I detest buying cars & going to dealerships but the owner was Soo laid back & easy going, I actually liked this place. The owner let me drive whatever car I wanted, for as long as I wanted. He didn't seemed annoyed or bothered at all(I've gone to dealships and have been made to feel I was inconveniencing folks if I wanted to drive more than one car).... I actually didn't buy my car here due to a private sale that became available, but 100% in 3 years when I have to replace my KIA I'm coming here. Great selection of used Subarus in excellent shape.

  36. Scott Phillips

    Nov 18, 2018

    My wife and I stopped in at Hampden Trading Company on a whim late one day where we met Rusty (Rudy’s roommate in college – ask him) for the first time. He’s a great salesman and I liked him immediately. There were two other customers and it was past his dinner time – but he stayed with me. In 15 minutes, he told me most of what I needed to know about the company’s culture and business model – and I was impressed – as in – I can get a good deal here. He told me to check the inventory every week as they get 7-10 new (used) cars every week from MetroWest Subaru in Natick – I did and within a couple of weeks, they had what I was looking for. I went up the next day to test drive and buy the car. Three business days later, I took delivery. There were some minor issues that took a few days / iterations to iron out but my sense was that they (I was working with Dave) were fully committed to resolving / fixing the problems. In situations like this you to begin to doubt all the chest pounding talk … at the end of the day it’s all about how they actually respond … stand behind the words and fix things. And they did – within the standard warranty period. They said that they would address any (reading between the lines – reasonable requests and time period) problems even after the required warranty period expires. I haven’t had to test these assurances (I hope I never have to), but I’m reasonably confident that they will backup these words as well. I also like the atmosphere – low key – zero pressure. I think I heard Rusty say “The cars sell themselves”. Check it out.

  37. Theresa Obrien

    Sep 12, 2018

    We had a great experience buying a car from Rusty. We drove many cars over a month trying to find the right one. We thought we found the one but upon further inspection they thought there might be a transmission issue and would not sell us the car! Rusty kept us updated every week on new cars coming in. He was very patient, not the typical used car salesman stereotype. We are very happy with the car we chose. We highly recommend Rusty ..he's the best!

  38. Kevin Mayo

    Aug 17, 2018

    Very fair price and 6 years later it still runs like a clock

  39. Sam Hicks

    May 15, 2018

    Had a great experience working with Rusty. Everything was easy and I felt valued as a customer. Would go back.

  40. Scott noyb

    Feb 20, 2018

    Rusty and David work with you and if there's anything you don't like on the car after the test drive and when you purchase the vehicle they will do what they can to fix the vehicle within reason

  41. Adam Seegars

    Dec 06, 2017

    Worked with Dave. He was very patient and easy to talk to. I ended up buying an older Pathfinder at a very fair price. They took care of a couple issues it had without hesitation. Service was above and beyond what I have ever experienced at a dealership. Will definitely be going back for future vehicles.

  42. Nicole Antaya

    Nov 29, 2017

    We bought my daughter her first car from Hampden Trading Company and found what usually can be a frustrating experience, to be easy and painless. The words I would use to describe them: honest, factual, committed, and pleasant. I will be back when it's time to buy another car! I will definitely refer my family and friends there!!!

  43. james jordan

    Nov 18, 2017

    Hampden Trading went out of their way to be sure that we were satisfied with the car we bought.

  44. Gary DeLisle

    Oct 16, 2017

    Great service and price. Friendly and HONEST. I've bought 5 vehicles. Never an issue

  45. Cathy Tomson

    Aug 27, 2017

    This is our second time purchasing a vehicle at HampdenTrading Company. Rusty and Dave are extremely helpful and easy to work with. Great customer service and quality cars!

  46. Stuart Cobb

    Jun 07, 2017

    I just bought a car for my son here. Staff was a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating. No haggle pricing. 60% of their inventory is Subaru. I believe I got a decent car at a decent price.

  47. Sharon Biasiutti

    Mar 31, 2017

    Rusty and Dave are excellent to work with. They went out of their way to make sure we were satisfied. We will be sure to tell our friends about them.

  48. Michael Dubiel

    Dec 30, 2016

    great service.... little to no problem with the car so far

  49. Andrew Phillips

    Dec 12, 2016

    Great experience with Hampden Trading Company. Dave was very helpful with the deal transaction. I got a great motor car at a fair price. They took care of all the service items before I took delivery. The car is great. These are old school good guys.

  50. robert carcieri

    Oct 24, 2016

    Excellent experience when I bought a used Subaru Outback from them about a month ago. They replaced the tires, head gasket and timing belt upon selling the car to me for a very reasonable and competitive price. Highly recommend them